Who We Are

Lasting Beauty Light Weight Fast Installation Waterproof

Spanl metal siding is designed for beauty and durablity.

We are becoming the home exterior siding of choice for top builders.

Spanl metal siding meets the demand of our clients and the level of the building that they are producing.

10 years professional color coating experience creates ultimate lifelike texture.

We spare no efforts to develop high-end decorative metal siding.

15 years guarantee for the fading of color coating.

Self-cleaning technology makes your house cleaner.

Say hello to a low maintance exterior wall.


  • Empower Ingenuity

  • At Bridger Steel we empower our employees at every level to find new solutions, improve efficiency, and effect change. We see challenges as opportunities to push our company forward

  • Treat Everyone Like Family

  • At Bridger Steel we treat customers, employees, and vendors like family. We accomplish this by showing appreciation, taking care of their needs in a timely manner, showing respect, being consistent in everything we do, and welcoming them home.

  • Find Joy in Helping People

  • At Bridger Steel we thrive on finding solutions and researching all the options to make sure our co-workers, customers and vendors get the help they need. Our employees are genuinely interested in our clients’ projects, and we listen and are thorough in our approach to finding solutions.

  • Work Hard

  • At Bridger Steel we’re not afraid of hard work. It’s the foundation of our company and the reason for our success. We will always work hard to find an answer, to be better, and to get the job done. As founder and owner Dennis Johnson says, “The value of what you learn when you try always outweighs the cost.”

  • Be Humble

  • At Bridger Steel we treat every person equally. It does not matter the job, position, or request. We treat anyone who walks through our doors with respect and dignity.

  • Have Integrity

  • At Bridger Steel we treat everyone with honesty and integrity. We’re here to ensure each person finds the best products for their needs and the best solutions to their challenges. We are honest about costs, potential problems, lead times, and our products.

  • Life is too short...

  • Life is too short to be unhappy, to feel stuck, to not try, to not be doing something you love, and to not make a difference. We support our employees and customers and want them to succeed, excel at their passions, and enjoy both work and life. Life is too short to do anything else.


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